Meet the Family

David Frederick was born in Michigan in September 1971.  He grew up in Dearborn with his mom, Donna, and his older brothers and sister, Mike, Bill, Todd, Jeff and Lori. He graduated from Edsel Ford High School in 1989.  He currently works for Olympia Entertainment at Joe Louis Arena where he is box office director.  During the hockey season, Dave referee’s local house teams around the area.  In his spare time Dave enjoys golfing, summer activities and an occasional poker game with his buddies.  He works hard for his family and enjoys the time they spend together going on family trips or simply going up to the local park for some fun.


Jennifer Christine was born in Michigan in 1968. She grew up in Canton with her mother, Janice, her younger sister Renee and younger brother David.  She graduated from Plymouth Salem High School in 1986.  She is currently a stay-at-home mom.  In her spare time Jennifer enjoys building web pages, drawing and photography.  She hope to one day start her own photography business.





Raymond Palmer was born in Michigan in 1988.  He is Jennifer’s son and grew up in Westland with his dad, Ray Sr.  He graduated from Franklin High School in Livonia in 2006.  While in high school he was in the Junior Navy ROTC, he was a member of the academic team as well as the rifle and drill teams with the ROTC.  He enjoys working on his computer, gaming, and is currently attending a tech school, training in Networking and Information Systems.




Gavin Joseph was born in February of 2003.  He lives with his parents, Jennifer and David, in Dearborn.  He’s your typical 5 year old with so much to do and so little time to do it in.  He enjoys evening strolls with his dad and brothers.  He loves super heros, Superman being his favorite.  Gavin loves to dress up in his costumes and be someone new every day.  One of his favorite foods is pizza and he loves fruit.  He’s really close to both his grandmas and is a great big brother to his little twin brothers.  He had such a great time in preschool, he is really looking forward to starting kindergarten in fall of ’08.


Blake William (l.) and Brady Cornell (r.) were born in July of 2007.  The newest members of the family.  They are so much fun.  Blake, he’s bashful and loves to read books. Brady is very “in your face” and loves to climb and knock things over.  Both just love to dance and boogy.  Some favorite activities include playing in their playhouse, making all kinds of banging noise, climbing on furniture.  They’re not much into sharing, but learning slowly. They love to babble and play hide-n-seek.


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  1. I just came across your page through Mommy Bloggers website and found it funny that your husband is quite familiar. I went to Edsel as well and actually for a while I lived a couple doors down from his Mom’s house…..

    Small world eh!

    God bless. I love photography as well!

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