Thirty-something wife and mother; sometimes witty, occassionally strong-willed, always adventurous. Tainted past with many skeletons, just trying to fit in and adjust to this domestic life. I’ve always thought of myself as independent and strong willed. I’ve lead a carefree and liberal life that’s been quite adventurous and eventful. I can say that I’ve seen quite a bit in my lifetime. Even lived in Vegas for a spell in an attempt to ‘find myself’ only to discover I was never really lost. In August of 2001, a wonderful guy entered into my life. Within a year I was expecting my 2nd child after 15 years and by September of 2003 we were officially “married with children.” I can’t say I didn’t want it all, guess I just wasn’t expecting it all to come about in the blink of an eye. I never imagined I’d become some sort of ‘domestic goddess’, but here I am sporting a diaper bag, going on playdates, and the strangest thing of all for me…. exchanging baby pictures with my club friends. Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying every minute of it. I have a husband that loves me dearly, still calls me ‘his bride’, I have the sweetest little guy that melts my heart each time I hear him call me “Mommy.” I have my older son that never ceases to make me proud, and most recently, the addition of identical twin boys.

My single friends have all been “taken off the market” one by one over the last several years and I guess that means it’s time to move on to the next chapters in our lives. Sure, I miss those days and get all nostalgic every now and then, but I also wouldn’t trade today for anything.


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