Memories Not For Sale

During the past week I’d been getting ready for a big Mom-to-Mom sale. Since the twins are the last children I’ll have, as they grow out of things I can get rid of them not thinking “I should probably keep this incase we have another baby.” I tend to be a hoarder with stuff like that. I come about it honestly. My mother was always one of those “we might need that one day” kind of people. But since becoming a mom of multiples, it means multiples of stuff. Stuff everywhere. We still have boxes of stuff from our move 19 months ago that haven’t even been opened. I often wonder, if I haven’t missed it in 19 months, would I ever miss it at all?

One thing I do miss, that I can never have back, is my babies. Today, while packing up for the sale, I picked up a tiny tiny pair of little baby booties. One of them could literally just fit over my thumb. I actually began to well up inside. My babies are gone. Those little tiny beings that use to curl up in a little ball on my chest are now running through the house and talking and trying to escape every saftey obstacle I put in their way.

I knew the twins would be my last. And I swear I’ve tried to cherrish every single moment. I try hard to not miss a thing. I’ve relished every milestone. And even though I know there’s so much more of them yet to come. I still miss their infancy. And oh.. oh.. oh.. that smell!!!!

They’re on-the-constant-go toddlers now. Forever investigating every little thing. They’re imitating real life things now. One of their favorite things is to help me clean. They won’t let me craddle them anymore. But they will sit on a lap for a story couple pages from a book.

I can’t help remembering how tiny and helpless they were just 19 months ago. And as I sold their baby stuff in the sale today, every article that exchanged hands, I relived the memories that went with it.

One week old in a cast of my pregnant belly.

One week old in a cast of my pregnant belly.


3 Responses

  1. OMG I LOVVVVEEEE this picture!! My dear friend is a “bellycaster” … 🙂 What an awesome picture, Jenn! BTW, I recently pulled out some things to go to a similiar sale and cried when I realized that I was giving away the things that I thought Landon would NEVER be big enough for – that now are FAR too small!! They grow up so fast. 🙂 (SIGH)

  2. I also love that picture. I have never heard of bellycasters before. What an awesome concept!!!! My son is 11 1/2 and I kept some of my favorite outfits of his since birth. Every year I keep a piece or two of clothing. it could be his favorite worn out t-shirt or a pair of underwear. Just an item that will remind me of when he was 7 or 8 or 11. I am all about memories.

  3. I absolutely love the pic of the babes in the cast! It is gorgeous! I have 2 year old ID twin boys.

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